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Triple tower with stainless steel door- homebrew value line (no kegs included)

Product Review (submitted on November 21, 2014):
-- Review Migrated from previous website, originally entered : 12-18-2011-- Great unit. I'm still fine tuning it, but am pleased with the purchase. Best thing is Ryan's customer service. Glad I bought from these guys, they walk you through any issues you have. My advice - if you are using quick disconnects to go from Ball Lock to Sankey, get the LowProfile Sankey or get the 90degree Elbow. I like the Elbow idea because if I change to S couplers for Euro beers I can still have a low profile. It is a tight fit in there - but it does fit. I might put the CO2 tank on the back for easier adjustments. Still trying to perfect the CO2 pressure, I think I just need to drink more to get it to settle. A later upgrade may be a 3 way regulator to regulate each keg. Should be pleny of room inside for that once the tank goes on back. Bottom line - good choice for me. I don't home brew, but my local breweries fill my Cornies for me and I can run commercial kegs too. Here's hoping a 1/6 will fit with two Cornys! Did I mention, GREAT Customer Service!